22.02.2012 - UNESCO

IPDC Bureau meets to select media development projects to be supported this year

The 56th annual meeting of the Bureau of the International Programme for the Development of Communication, more widely known as IPDC, will gather from 22 to 24 February 2012 at UNESCO’s Headquarters in Paris to select the projects that will receive the Programme’s support this year.

The members of the 8-person Bureau, representing UNESCO’s Member States, will have to choose among the 103 projects that have been submitted to IPDC. They will focus on the most deserving ones and those most likely to make a lasting impact on media development in the countries concerned.

The majority of the projects proposals (39) concern Africa, a UNESCO priority. Twenty-six have been submitted from Asia and the Pacific; 21 from Latin America and the Caribbean; 13 from the Arab Region; 3 from Europe and one is of interregional scope.

While the topics of the projects are wide-ranging, each will be expected to contribute in its own way to at least one of IPDC’s priorities: promoting freedom of expression and media pluralism; development of community media; and human resource development.

The Bureau will also act as Jury of the 2012 UNESCO/IPDC Prize for Rural Communication, which aims at recognizing innovative initiatives that have contributed to improving communication processes in rural areas. The Prize, consisting of a sum of US$ 20,000, will be officially awarded during the next IPDC Council session from 22 to 23 March.

IPDC is the specialized Programme within the UN system dedicated to strengthening the capacities of free, independent and pluralistic media in developing countries and countries in transition. In the last two years, IPDC has supported 176 projects in 86 countries across the globe, channeling a total amount of over 4,5 million US dollars. 

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