13.03.2014 -

Launch of a report on Public Expenditure on Education in Latin America

During the 2014 Open Education Week, the Karisma Foundation, together with UNESCO and Creative Commons, will launch the report titled “Public Expenditure on Education in Latin America: can it serve the purpose of the Paris Open Education Resources Declaration?”

UNESCO Montevideo, Regional Office for Science in Latin America and the Caribbean commissioned the Karisma Foundation to write The Public Expenditure on Education in Latin America report, which will be published under a free Creative Commons license. The paper seeks to identify and analyze the public investment and expenditure reported by five Latin American governments for developing and procuring school textbooks, as well as digital content for primary and secondary school (K-12).

Education is the pillar that underlies countries social and economic development. It is a right recognized by the major international human rights instruments, as well as by the national constitutions and laws of the five countries analyzed in this report, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay. It is clear that these countries have taken positive steps towards meeting their international obligations, however, there is also strong evidence that there is still room for further improvements.

Unfortunately, digital technology is not an integral part of the education systems in many Latin American countries. Despite efforts to promote the educational use of information technology in the region, there has been more emphasis placed on issues related to enrollment. Therefore, the state of education has not been strengthened by the opportunities to promote the appropriation of technologies.

During the last decade, there has been rapid advancement in technologies that make it extremely easy for people to create and share materials that is out of alignment with copyright laws. The development of open licensing and Open Educational Resources (OER) helps address this gap, by changing and questioning the current paradigm. According to the UNESCO Paris OER Declaration (2012), these resources include any teaching, learning or research material in the public domain or published with an open license to be used, adapted and distributed free of charge.

We believe it is paramount to use Open Education Week 2014 to raise awareness about the opportunities in teaching and learning throughout the world using OER. During this years Open Eductaion Week celebration, we invite you to take part in a Webinar where there will be a dialogue between stakeholders on issues related to open learning in the region. The Webinar will include discussion with experts such as Carolina Rossini expert in OER, Brazil, Juan Carlos Bernal from the Ministry of Education, Colombia, and Patricia Diaz and Virgina Rodes from Uruguay who are both very active in the OER community.

There will also be a representatives from Creative Commons and UNESCO as well as the group of researchers who participated in the preparation of the Karisma Foundation´s Report “Public Expenditure on Education in Latin America: can it serve the purpose of the Paris Open Education Resources Declaration?”

How do I participate?

You simply follow the link through the website, karisma.org.co on the date and time indicated below.

Date: March 13, 2014

Time: 5:00 pm (Bogotá, UCT-5)

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