30.05.2007 -

Launch of publication on the state of press freedom in Nepal

In relation to the World Press Freedom Day 2007 under the global theme Press Freedom, Safety of Journalists and Impunity, the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu asked the Forum of Development Journalists (FoDeJ) to undertake a 'reality check' on press freedom in post-conflict Nepal.

In order to give a voice to journalists working outside the Kathmandu valley, FoDeJ undertook a series of case studies in the mountains, hilly areas and the plains, covering all the development regions of Nepal.


Testimonies from the Field - An Exploration of the State of Press Freedom in Nepal after the Signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement portrays and illustrates their findings. The booklet was launched on 4 May 2007, at a dialogue forum organized by the Nepal Press Institute. The theme of the event, meant to commemorate World Press Freedom Day, was Media Freedom, Security and Impunity. The forum was organised by young journalists and attended by the Minister of Information and Communications and about 70 media professionals, including many senior journalists from Kathmandu based media.


FoDeJ presented their findings, which unfortunately are quite disturbing:

    Statistics and stories portray a Nepal in which journalists are still abducted, arrested, threatened, physically assaulted and obstructed in carrying out their professional duty across the country. Many media practitioners are still displaced away from their families. Media houses have been vandalized and forced to shut down and transports of newspapers have been vandalized.

This publication is intended to raise awareness on the plight faced by journalists and to ultimately bring about increased assistance to independent media in Nepal, thus ensuring a solid, peaceful and democratic society where human rights are a reality for all.


The publication can be downloaded <a href="ev.php?URL_ID=24680&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201">here</a> in PDF format in English and Nepali.

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