20.11.2003 -

Local Television Production in Serbia and Montenegro Supported by UNESCO

Encouraging local TV producers to engage in analytical and investigative journalism was the main objective of a UNESCO funded project supporting high quality local television production in Serbia and Montenegro that was recently completed. Coordinated by the Belgrade Media Center, the project supported the production of six films by VIN, Mreža, and Arhitel.

"The project invited television producers to offer programme ideas and scripts for production support. It has resulted in the production of good quality and popular TV programmes ", says UNESCO programme manager Tarja Turtia. All programmes are available for the local television stations through the UNESCO supported Programme Bank in Belgrade.

The themes of the six films produced by VIN, Mreža, and Arhitel vary from unemployment and social security problems in a country in transition to the relations between religious groups, challenges of religious freedoms, and discussing of the role of church in war and peace, describing the church during the communist rule and the Milošević regime. Other films deal with the problems of harmful links between sport and nationalism, serious environmental and pollution problems shown through the example of waste in an urban centre such as Belgrade, and the ecological consequences of the 1999 bombing for Pančevo revealing a host of problems little known to the public.

UNESCO has since the last six years been active in creating better conditions for the independent media in the South East Europe by offering support for media outlets combining professional expertise, start up costs, equipment and materials. The most prominent result is the resent establishment of the APM Print, a printing plant facility of the independent print media in Serbia.

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