19.05.2004 -

Media, Violence and Terrorism - A UNESCO Publication

UNESCO has just published a report on Media, Violence and Terrorism, designed to contribute to on-going discussions and reflections on global security and human rights and to reveal how fundamental liberties such as freedom of expression and press freedom have been affected by terrorism.

The publication contains edited texts of papers and case studies presented at a Conference on "Terrorism and Media", organized in Manila on 2 and 3 May 2002 at the occasion of the celebration of World Press Freedom Day as well as regional reports on status of research studies dealing with media, violence and terrorism.


The tragic events of 11 September 2001 set in motion an intensified global discussion on terrorism and global security. Some of the measures adopted to enhance global security have had profound repercussions on civil liberties, especially freedom of expression.


UNESCO, the UN lead agency for freedom of expression, provides a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences on various issues related to media and terrorism, including how media spotlight terrorism as a political, ideological, religious and military weapon against civilians and how terrorism affects media and the safety of media professionals.



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Media, Violence and Terrorism . - Editors: S. T. Kwame Boafo, Sylvie Coudray . - Paris: UNESCO, 2003 (Proceedings of the Conference "Terrorism and Media", Manila, Philippines, 2-3 May 2002)

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