30.03.2010 -

Member States elect Evgeny Kuzmin as new Chairman of IFAP Council

The Intergovernmental Council for the Information for All Programme (IFAP) elected new Bureau members yesterday at its 6th session at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The twenty-four members of the Council nominated Mr Evgeny Kuzmin (Russian Federation) as the Chairman of the Bureau.

Representatives of Austria, Koweit and The Philippines were elected to the positions of Vice-Chairpersons of the Bureau. Other members elected to form the Bureau are Latvia, Brazil and Madagascar, with the representative of Ivory Coast as Rapporteur.


Evgeny Kuzmin currently holds the position of Chair of the Russian Committee for the Information for All Programme. He is also member of the Russian National Commission for UNESCO and President of the Interregional Centre for Library Cooperation.


Mr Kuzmin served as Member of the Intergovernmental Council of the Information for All Programme and of the International Advisory Committee of the Memory of the World Programme. He also worked as Head of the Department of Libraries and Archives of the Russian Ministry of Culture.


Evgeny Kuzmin introduced in Russia national programmes to modernise libraries, establish national library computer network, preserve information and provide free access to it. He also initiated several projects focusing on linguistic and cultural diversity in cyberspace.


Mr Kuzmin replaces Karol Jakubowicz, who served as Chairman of the IFAP Council for the last two years.


The IFAP Bureau meets twice a year to ensure Programme's implementation, appraise, select and approve projects as well as to hold thematic debates on issues of importance for the Programme.

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