22.05.2012 - UNESCO

Memory of the World Register for Latin America and the Caribbean: UNESCO calls for nominations

Map-Codex: San Bartolomé Cuamancingo - © National General Archives of Mexico

UNESCO is inviting new nominations for inscription on the Memory of the World Register for Latin America and the Caribbean. Proposals should be based on the selection criteria listed in the General Guidelines to Safeguard Documentary Heritage, which stipulate that the most important criterion for inscription on the Register is the universal significance of the documentary heritage.

The deadline for submission of nominations is 17 September 2012 and no late submissions will be accepted. Nominations should be submitted in two versions (Spanish and English) to:

Vitor Manoel Marques da Fonseca, President, MOWLAC
Arquivo Nacional
Praça da República, 173 – GABIN – Centro
20211-350 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Tel. (55) (21) 2179-1279
Fax. (55) (21) 2179-1207
vitormowlac(at)gmail.com ; fonseca(at)arquivonacional.gov.br

Copies must be sent at the same time to the members of the Register Sub-Committee, as follows:

Spanish version to:

Sérgio López Ruelas, 2º Vice-Presidente, MOWLAC
UNESCO, Programa Memoria del Mundo, Aplicación para inclusión en el Registro Memoria del Mundo de América Latina y el Caribe 2012
Av. Juárez 975, C. P. 44100
Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
Tel: 52 33 3134 2277
Fax: 52 33 3134 2205

English version to:

Winsome Hudson, 1st Vice-President, MOWLAC
UNESCO Memory of the World Programme, Application for Inclusion in the Memory of the World Register for Latin America and the Caribbean 2012
National Library of Jamaica
12 East St., Kingston, Jamaica
Tel: 1 876 967 2494; 967 2496
Fax: 1 876 922 5567

The following items may be submitted for incorporating into the Memory of the World Register for Latin America and the Caribbean: a document or set of documents in an archive, library or audiovisual collection, under custody in countries of the Region, which are significant for the collective memory of Latin American and Caribbean society. Those documents may be text (handwritten or printed), audiovisual (film, video, sound recording), iconographic (photography, engraving, design) or cartography, on conventional supporting media or others.

Nominations are posted on the Programme’s website and illustrations, such as photographs or slides (TIFF, GIF, JPEG formats), and sound recordings (real-media) can be included to help describe the proposal. As the images submitted may often be used by the Memory of the World Secretariat in publicity materials, an authorization for their reuse for non-profit purposes should also be included. A copy of this form can be downloaded here.

More detailed information about the conditions for submission of nominations is available in the Regulations for applications to Memory of the World Register for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Nominations will be selected by the current members of the MOWLAC Committee. Final results of the evaluation will be made public on the website of UNESCO’s Office in Uruguay.

UNESCO launched the Memory of the World Programme to guard against collective amnesia calling upon the preservation of the valuable archive holdings and library collections all over the world ensuring their wide dissemination. The Programme is intended to protect documentary heritage, and helps networks of experts to exchange information and raise resources for preservation of and access to documentary material.

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