09.02.2010 -

National conference on UNESCO-supported study of Mozambique's media landscape opens tomorrow in Maputo

A national conference will take place on 10 February 2010 to discuss and finalize a report assessing the level of media development in Mozambique. The report, prepared by MISA-Mozambique in collaboration with UNESCO, provides a comprehensive analysis of the country's media sector based on UNESCO's Media Development Indicators (MDIs).

The conference will be attended by the Ministers of Education and Culture of Mozambique as well as by a number of other high-ranking government officials. Participants will also include representatives of public, private and community media organizations, media training institutions, civil society organizations, and members of Parliament and of the Judiciary.


The study of Mozambique's media landscape was launched in May 2009 following an official request by the Government of Mozambique. It involved extensive background literature review, consultations with all the main stakeholders of Mozambique's media sector, data collection and visits to community radios in selected districts. The report that came out of this study covers all aspects of the national media sector, including:

  • the system of regulation;
  • plurality and diversity of the media;
  • media as a platform for democratic discourse;
  • professional capacity-building;
  • infrastructural capacity; and
  • a specific analysis of community media.

It proposes a set of evidence-based recommendations aimed at guiding the formulation of policies that will strengthen the conditions for free, independent and pluralistic media in the country.


UNESCO's Media Development Indicators, which provided the analytical framework for the study, are now available in Portuguese and can be accessed through the following link: <a href="http://www.unesco.org/webworld/en/media-development-indicators">www.unesco.org/webworld/en/media-development-indicators</a>.

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