27.02.2004 -

New Community Media Initiative released by femLINKpacific

femLINKpacific (Media Initiatives for Women), a women's community media NGO based in Suva, has announced the release of its latest community media initiative, "fem'TALK: Sharing the Light". The initiative includes a 40-minute community video accompanied by a 12-page viewing and discussion guide/community magazine. It was produced with assistance of the World Association of Christian Communicators and UNESCO.

The community video features women's accounts of Diwali (celebration of a significant event that highlights Fiji's collective values and beliefs) and Peace. "This is a very women and peace centered production," says femLINKpacific Coordinator/Producer-Director, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls. "We have created space for older and younger women to contribute their viewpoint not only on the celebration of Diwali, but also their recognition of the need to address common values shared by women from both a Christian and Hindu background.


Light is an important symbol for many religions in Fiji and that is why the production was entitled "Sharing the Light". The community media initiative addresses the collective challenge of bringing about long-term peace through dialogue between the different ethnic and religious communities in order to cultivate greater respect and understanding of each other's values. This reflects the work of Interfaith Search Fiji.


The viewing and discussion guide produced as a community magazine, features additional stories from members of Interfaith Search Fiji and women's movement. With this community media initiative, femLINKpacific is distributing 75 video and magazine kits to women's groups, community based organizations, relevant government and development partners and several schools.


This distribution process aims to provide women's groups with community based information and an advocacy tool. According to Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, there are limitations within current mainstream media content to effectively enable women to share their experiences and viewpoints with each other. femLINKpacific believes that distributing the videos and magazines to the women's groups will enable them to learn more about the raised issues, as well as about each other.

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