28.03.2006 -

New IFAP Chair Laurence Zwimpfer meets with Director-General

Immediately following the 10th meeting of the Bureau of IFAP Council Laurence Zwimpfer, the new IFAP chair, met with Mr Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO and Mr Abdul Waheed Khan, Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information.

Mr Matsuura was interested to hear about IFAP's three strategic priorities and to see the new IFAP brochure and report.


Key items covered in the briefing were the role of National IFAP Committees, the strong demand from Member States for project support, the need to develop a new approach to fundraising, IFAP's multi-stakeholder relationships and engaging with other UNESCO sectors.


Zwimpfer and Matsuura also discussed IFAP's role in implementing WSIS outcomes and the Recommendations from World Report "Towards Knowledge Societies".

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