17.08.2011 - UNESCO

The UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform – Click, Create and Upload

The UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform

A dynamic functionality on the UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform has been operationalised and is now open to all professional independent producers and broadcasters.

Membership and productions have been growing steadily. The Audiovisual E-Platform now compiles over 650 productions from more than 85 countries and has close to 7,000 registered users.

The UNESCO AV E-Platform is a project started by UNESCO in 2004, with the overall aim to foster international exchange of creative audiovisual content, particularly relating to development issues, and to promote AV  production as a tool for cultural expression and intercultural dialogue. 

The Platform also facilitates business to business exchanges among professionals in the audiovisual field. If you are an independent producer of content, a broadcaster, director, producer or film festival organizer, you will find this Audiovisual E-Platform useful.

The project is executed through a partnership of the Government of Spain and the UNESCO Association of Igualada.

You can visit the website of the Audiovisual E-Platform at http://creativecontent.unesco.org. You have the choice of becoming a member or just browse. However, you will have a richer experience as a member.

You can create an audiovisual catalogue, including uploading and managing your productions by just clicking this link.

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