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Towards knowledge societies for peace and sustainable development: UNESCO seeks contributions to open consultations


Your ideas for the 2013 WSIS+10 review event count: join online discussions to jointly prepare the first WSIS+10 review event, which will bring together governments, civil society, the private sector and international organizations to discuss key knowledge societies topics. The event will also review WSIS developments, discuss current and future knowledge society trends and formulate post-2015 recommendations.

The second phase of the open consultations on the 2013 World Summit on the Information Society multistakeholder review event (WSIS+10) is now launched. You are invited to contribute to online discussions on the WSIS Knowledge Communities platform (WSIS KC) on themes, format and the process leading to the 2013 WSIS+10 review event. This multistakeholder and high-level event will be co-organized by UNESCO, ITU, UNDP and UNCTAD and will take place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 25 to 27 February 2013.

UNESCO’s Member States decided at the 36th session of the General Conference in 2011 (36 C/Res. 56) to contribute to the overall WSIS review with UNESCO’s hosting a high-level WSIS review event in the lead up towards 2015. This decision went hand in hand with the open consultations of the United Nations Group on the Information Society (UNGIS) about the WSIS review process, resulting in an WSIS+10 Review Action Plan, endorsed by the UN Chief Executive Board in April 2012. Additional clarity on the modalities of an overall WSIS review process are also expected from the UN General Assembly’s 67th session to be held by the end of 2012.

In addition to the review dimension, the first WSIS+10 review meeting will make an emphasis on the analysis of recent developments not reflected in WSIS documents (mobiles, social networking, etc.), and also on future knowledge societies and sustainable developments trends (foresight dimension). As the integral part of the WSIS review preparatory process, the event is set to produce recommendations for a possible post-2015 Action Plan. UNESCO and other stakeholders are commissioning research for this event, which will contribute to developing a new vision for sustainable knowledge societies.

For the online discussions, input is sought for the following:


  • Key recent trends (such as social networking) best relevant for many Action Lines, and how these trends should best be discussed/addressed at this meeting.
  • Key future knowledge and sustainable development trends.


  • For example, how can the above themes best be addressed in a cross-cutting manner, bringing together different Action Lines on key topics?

Process leading to the 2013 event:

  • In the context of scarce budgets, how can we still best facilitate the contributions and input from different stakeholders to the preparatory process and to the 2013 event, including the most marginalized?

To share your ideas on the above points please click here.

Since its foundation, UNESCO has been at the heart of international thinking about the impact of the changing information and communication landscape. As the United Nations’ specialized agency for education, sciences, culture, and information and communication, it focuses on the potential for new technologies to advance development and enhance the rights of people around the world. Within the post-WSIS process, UNESCO plays a threefold role as a lead facilitating agency or coordinator of the WSIS implementation at global level, as facilitator of the multistakeholder implementation of six Action Lines relating to the Organization’s mandate and as implementer of these Action Lines within the framework of its own programme and budget.

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