12.09.2003 -

Tuning on Community Voices

A UNESCO supported community radio workshop, organized by femLINKPacific, will close this week in Suva, Fiji. The two-week event has brought together representatives of civil society organizations and participants from Ministries of Youth and Women in the region to better understand community radio.

According to femLINKpacific's Coordinator, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, the workshop participants this week are getting involved in the development and production of local radio content, with the values and issues of the community in mind. "This is an important way of showing our future community media producers to consider and understand global commitments, by putting a value on local knowledge and to link the global commitments and goals with the realities of the lives of the communities and groups we are working with" said Bhagwan Rolls to UNDP's Newsfront.


The participants learned basic principles about communication and how media and communication were useful tools in achieving development aims; they also developed a programme on community radio, which can be used for demonstration purposes. "My interest in community media increases everyday and I am more aware of what it takes to establish one", Henry Rigamoto of the Interfaith Search said.


The workshop was held in preparation of femLINK's own community radio, which is hoped to become a forum for participatory community development and democracy and a tool for reaching out to women and youth.


fem'LINKpacific:MEDIA INITIATIVES FOR WOMEN is a Media-based NGO committed to the development, production and distribution of community media initiatives : "To bring the stories of our women and their communities to the forefront, and more importantly, to share these stories with the rest of our society, with the hope that through this community-centered initiative we will not only increase awareness of critical social, political and economic issues, but also serve as a means to promote Reconciliation and Peace in our country and the Pacific Island region."

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