28.09.2011 - UNESCO

UNESCO and Association of Igualada foster independent producers

Igualada, Spain - © Santi Carbonell

UNESCO has partnered with the Association of Igualada to organize an International Training Workshop for Independent Producers from 5 to 8 October 2011 in Igualada, Spain. The training is being organized within the framework of UNESCO’s Audiovisual E-Platform - a multicultural, online tool for independent producers and broadcasters that aims at promoting the international distribution of television content through North-South and South-South cooperation.

Twenty five participants from all region of the world will engage in intensive training on aspects of entrepreneurship, broadcasting and distribution. In addition, interactive training sessions will improve participants’ skills on content and audiovisual language innovation, new technologies applications to audiovisual productions and effective marketing. A particular focus will be given to producing high quality audiovisual materials that convey development-oriented messages.

The workshop is also designed to facilitate networking and sharing of inspiring insights among professionals and young independent producers. This supplementary added value will hopefully lead to the participants gaining new perspectives of cooperation within and beyond the context of the UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform. Expert trainers with solid and diverse backgrounds are drawn from key partner organizations including European Broadcasting Union, COPEAM (Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators), Central Africa Bank of Images, Big Fish – School of Digital Film Making and INPUT (International Public Television Conference).

Screening sessions will take place between main sessions and at the end of each day. This will be a way to showcase and assess the productions created by the participants or suggested by them as examples of effective audiovisual creations.

The UNESCO AV E-Platform is a project started by UNESCO in 2004, with the overall aim to foster international exchange of creative audiovisual content, particularly relating to development issues, and to promote AV production as a tool for cultural expression and intercultural dialogue. The Platform also facilitates business-to-business exchanges among professionals in the audiovisual field. If you are an independent producer of content, a broadcaster, director, producer or film festival organizer, you will find this Audiovisual E-Platform useful.

The project is executed through a partnership of the Government of Spain and the UNESCO Association of Igualada.

You can visit the website of the Audiovisual E-Platform at http://creativecontent.unesco.org. You have the choice of becoming a member or just browse. However, you will have a richer experience as a member.

You can create an audiovisual catalogue, including uploading and managing your productions by just clicking this link.

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