16.03.2012 - UNESCO

UNESCO and BBC train young TV producers and film makers

Training workshop for young TV producers on camera techniques - © UNESCO/G.Awad

Within the framework of promoting freedom of expression and access to information, UNESCO’s Office in Beirut joined efforts with BBC Arabic to train 11 young TV producers and film makers during a specialized workshop on short documentaries from 5 to 9 March 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon.

The workshop aimed to give participants the ability to learn new techniques on how to produce independent programmes of good quality. In addition, an interactive session of the training focused on youth-related topics within the region, involving young participants from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunis and Yemen.

One week after the training participants are expected to finalize their ideas for new documentaries. Organizers of the workshop will then select the best 3 ideas and work with their authors on the further production of documentaries. They will provide professional mentoring and support, both technical and financial, for the production of documentaries, which will take place in the countries of the selected trainees.

The tree high quality documentaries, to be produced as a final output of the training, will be broadcast by UNESCO and BBC Arabic Media outlets.

Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) has an important role to play in all societies. This role can vary from a passive to a leading one, depending on national identities. PSB is recognized for providing accurate and reliable information on the topics that are often ignored or not well covered by other media, such as development and governance issues.

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