25.09.2008 -

UNESCO helps Kenyan libraries build their digital collections

UNESCO Office in Nairobi is organizing a basic training workshop on the Greenstone digital library software at the University of Nairobi (Main Campus Library), Kenya, from 22 to 26 September 2008. The workshop is providing training to 20 participants most of whom are coming from Kenyan university libraries and the National Archives.

Kenyan libraries and archives have recognised that the time for developing digital libraries is now. University libraries and the National Archives hold very large quantities of scanned documents as a means of preserving them, but in this form the scanned materials are not accessible to users. For this reason, Kenyan institutions are now seeking to transform these scanned images into digital libraries.


The Nairobi workshop aims at providing basic practical skills on the techniques of developing digital libraries using the Greenstone software; building a network of Greenstone users among information specialists; and linking East African users to the Southern African User Support Network.


The workshop facilitators are coming from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Library of Zimbabwe and from the College of Medicine Library of the University of Malawi. NUST and the University of Malawi are among the institutions in Southern Africa that started developing digital libraries using the Greenstone software. NUST has already placed its collections online.

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