30.01.2008 -

UNESCO launches IFAP Success Stories platform

UNESCO's Information for All Programme invites all Member States, NGOs and professional groups to share their success stories in using information for development.

UNESCO's Information for All Programme (IFAP) wishes to encourage communities using information for development to share their success stories. It therefore invites all organizations to submit their success stories to the <a href="http://www.unesco.org/webworld/en/ifapstories">online platform</a> where others can learn from them and either replicate or adapt them to their own local situations. A project funding support of US$5,000 will be granted to up to five of the most innovative success stories, one in each UNESCO's region.


The aim of IFAP is to promote good practices in using information for development in all parts of the world. The stories collected in this open platform will provide practical examples that we believe will inspire others and raise the visibility of the critically important role that information plays in development. The purpose of the support IFAP is providing is to help expand the reach of the most successful initiatives to other communities.


The focus is on short stories that describe how communities have benefitted from the use of information. That means that communities must have access to information first, but with the rapid deployment of information and communication technologies in most countries of the world, including broadcast technologies, more attention now needs to be paid to the content issues. The specific goal in sharing success stories is to identify ways that people in local communities are using information to address issues that affect them directly.


All UNESCO's Member States, NGOs and professional groups are encouraged to share their stories.

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