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UNESCO launches survey on public service broadcasting in Portuguese

Publication cover - © UNESCO

UNESCO has launched the Portuguese version of the publication Public Service Broadcasting: a comparative legal study, written by Toby Mendel, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Law and Democracy. The launch took place during EBC Dialogues, held by Brazil Communications Company (EBC) last March to discuss the implementation of the Law on the Access to Information, which will come into force in Brazil in May 2012.

This book by Toby Mendel on public service broadcasting (PSB) explores the legal and regulatory systems governing public broadcasters in eight different countries. It examines the services that public broadcasters provide, the way in which their mandates are defined, their internal governance oversight and public accountability mechanisms, as well as their funding. The author sought to ensure a broad geographical representation, including countries that have a strong commitment to the public service broadcasting.

The publication puts special emphasis on the strategies developed over the years to ensure that public service broadcasters are not undermined by two key phenomena: the external control (political or other), particularly regarding editorial products; and the inadequate public funding. The book outlines approaches for solving these central problems and emphasizes innovative systems that are being tested, in different countries, to deal with some of the challenges faced by public broadcasters.

Toby Mendel is the Executive Director of the Centre for Law and Democracy, an international human rights NGO based in Canada, which promotes respect for the rights that underpin democracy, including freedom of expression.

UNESCO has a long-standing worldwide experience in assisting its Member States in the transformation of state-owned broadcasters into independent public service stations. It does so by sensitizing governments and the general public about the legislative framework necessary for PSB, by promoting editorial independence, by fostering the educational and cultural dimensions of the media, and by developing endogenous production capacities.

To download the Portuguese version of the book, please click here.

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