12.09.2006 -

UNESCO supports associations to produce radio programmes for Radio Rosso in Mauritania

The UNESCO Office in Rabat is organizing a training workshop for 8 local associations in Rosso, Mauritania from 12 to 18 September 2006 in order to address crucial social issues at a community level and empower marginalized rural groups and catalyze democratic processes and development efforts.

The 7 day workshop will highlight the importance of rural radios as an inexpensive and affordable medium to the common people, especially to those who have little access to newspapers or for those who have difficulty in reading. Specific attention will be given to the educational and developmental role of local radios in addressing human rights and gender issues.


The participants will also get hands on experience in preparing different genres of programmes and recording it for transmission. Once the radio programmes are finalized, it will be analysed and modified accordingly in order to assure good quality content. Participants will furthermore be introduced to journalistic ethics and a code of conduct in order to reflect the integrity of the associations and the radio station itself.


This intersectoral project combining the promotion of human rights (Social and Human Sciences) with the development role of the media (Communication and Information Sector) aims at increasing people's participation in both in management and programme production aspects, preparing thus the ground for community media in Mauritania.

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