09.09.2004 -

UNESCO Supports Development and Dissemination of Video Programmes in Samoa

The development of video programmes with Samoan local content and their dissemination via the Internet is the focus of a project supported by UNESCO's Information for All Programme (IFAP). An agreement that was been recently signed by UNESCO and the Samoa National Commission for UNESCO foresee the completion of the project within one year.

The funding secured for the project, that being developed in cooperation with the Samoa Broadcasting Corporation and implemented by Computer Services Limited, will cover training and first year's operating costs for the transfer of Samoan television programmes to the Internet.


The project is also expected to develop and publish on the Internet a digital library of video and audio recordings in support of Samoan's IT literacy efforts and actions to bolster the Samoan language and culture, both in Samoa and to Samoans abroad. At least one hundred five-minute long productions depicting current events, aspects of Samoan culture, history, environment, sports and religious life will be webcast with 20% in English and 80% in Samoan languages.


This activity is a part of UNESCO's contribution to the implementation of the Plan of Action adopted by the World Summit on the Information Society in December 2003, in the field of capacity building, promoting the preservation and development of indigenous languages and fostering multilingualism in cyberspace.

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