27.02.2003 -

UNESCO/EU Arab Women Journalists' Workshop on Advanced Desktop Publishing Techniques

Within the framework of the UNESCO/European Union Project: Promotion of Independent and Pluralistic Arab Media, UNESCO will organize from 16-21 March an Arab Women Journalists Workshop on Advanced Desk Top Publishing Techniques, at its Offices in Amman Jordan.

Participants will be women journalists from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen and the Palestinian Authority.

Organized as a follow-up to the Sana'a Seminar on Promoting Independent and Pluralistic Arab Media (Sana'a Yemen 7-11 January 1996), and which specifically called upon UNESCO to prepare and launch programme activities to provide more training for women in the fields of new communication and information technologies, the two week workshop seeks to assist women journalists to master desktop publishing concepts and applications emphasising design elements, page layout principles, use of supporting graphics software as well as scanning techniques to create newspapers and magazines.

Specifically the workshop will seek to:

  • Help women journalists understand the publishing process and the necessary procedures to produce a publication from concept to camera-ready using current DTP technology;
  • Enhance participants' skills in creating original publications using original art, scanned and digitized art as well as word processing;
  • Enable participants to develop knowledge of availability, appropriateness and functions of various DTP software application programmes.

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