11.05.2007 -

Workshop to assist women journalists in Mauritania to improve their professional status

The development of a strategic action plan to promote the status of woman journalist in Mauritania is on the agenda of a three day workshop that opened today in the country's capital Nouakchott.

The workshop that is organized by UNESCO, in co-operation with the Mauritanian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture, comes in support of Réseau femmes journalistes de Mauritanie, the only association in Mauritania working on gender and development in order for women journalists to play fully their role in the country's media landscape and to participate in its development.

The association is composed of a wide range of actors covering radio, television, news agency and the newspaper industry.


The workshop in Nouakchott from 11 to 13 May 2007 is aimed at helping the association in defining its strategic action plan in obtaining the expected result to improve the professional status of women journalists. Activities will also be designed in order to give a positive image of half of the population, represented by the women and the role that women journalists can play in reflecting this reality. Through such sensitization activities, the important role of journalists is underlined in the democratization process, putting journalists in direct contact with the social, political, economic or cultural, realities of the population.


Furthermore the workshop will be an opportunity to determine the specific training needs of women journalists in the country and to look into opportunities to improve the professionalization of journalism in the country though seminars, exchange programmes and contact with professional journalism organizations in the region.

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