ICT helping to fight HIV/AIDS

Within the framework of UNESCO's project "ICT helping to fight HIV/AIDS: Changing young people's behaviour through preventive education schemes" and with the support of the INFOYOUTH Programme, HIV/AIDS information centres for youth were established in Mozambique, Tanzania and Bulgaria.

Agreements on the creation of the centres have been established with partners in the three countries. The information structures will serve to implement preventive HIV/AIDS activities by improving access to information and raising awareness among youth, in particular young girls, rural and disadvantaged youth, about the potential risks and the ways for a more efficient prevention.

The planned activities will include seminars and training sessions in ICT skills, as well as creating content and specific websites in local languages. The provided information will aim at educating youth to assume new attitudes, in order to implement preventive measures against HIV/AIDS and broadly disseminate the collected best practices in this area.

The project "ICT helping to fight HIV/AIDS" aims at increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention among young people based on the possibilities offered by ICT. It promotes access to comprehensive and reliable youth-friendly information in quest of behavioural changes. It also seeks to encourage a spirit of analysis on the part of the youth involved on how to use ICT more actively in the fight against HIV/AIDS and turning these recommendations into concrete preventive actions.


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