Youth-oriented information scheme

In cooperation with the Macedonian National Commission for UNESCO, specific youth-oriented information scheme improving HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention was set up.

The scheme aims to decrease spreading of the infection. It focuses on access to ICT and non-formal education activities and takes into consideration the specificities of each of the participating countries: FYROM, Serbia and Montenegro and Albania. Through this project, support was provided for:

  • improving access to information and raising awareness among youth about the potential risks and devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and about the ways for its efficient prevention;
  • preparing and making accessible, through a specific website, an electronic database presenting the situation of HIV/AIDS in the countries of the region concerned by the project as well as the major governmental and non-governmental institutions involved in preventive activities;
  • producing information materials for dissemination among the target group and reaching the audience in the languages used respectively in the three participating countries.
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