Indigenous People and ICT

San people, South Africa.

UNESCO places a high value on mutual understanding, tolerance and a respect for the rights of individuals to a cultural identity and self-determination. Through its project "ICT for Intercultural Dialogue: Developing communication capacities of indigenous peoples" (ICT4ID) UNESCO aims to foster the creation and dissemination of local content reflecting the values of indigenous peoples’ communities and cultures.

ICT4ID working meeting and production workshop

Igualada/Andorra La Vella (Spain/Andorra), 17-20 October 2006

The objective of this workshop is to share lessons learned from the first phase of the project (2004-2005), which led to content production with eleven different indigenous communities from around the world, and to conceptualize and plan the training and production component foreseen in the second phase (2006-2007). >> Read more

In 2004-2005, ICT4ID launched five pilot projects involving eleven indigenous communities: the Bakoyas, the San and the Himbas in Africa, and the Quechua, Lecos, Tsimanes, Esse Ejjas, Mosetenes, Tacanas, Baures and Aymaras in Latin America. The main goal of these projects is to encourage the production of indigenous cultural content for the audiovisual and new media by providing training to community members on the use of ICT. >> More on ICT4ID project

Training Indigenous People in Audiovisual and Community Television Production (Bolivia)

This project took place in the districts of La Paz and Beni, in the northwestern tropical lands of Bolivia. >> Read more

Tokapu – Video workshop in Villa El Salvador (Peru)

The workshop took place in Villa El Salvador, a district in Lima inhabited principally by Quechuas, who began to migrate from the Sierra to the capital in the 1940’s. >> Read more

The Kaoko Local Knowledge Living Archive Project – The Well of Stories (Namibia)

This project is taking place in the Northwest of Namibia, in a region known by the local Himba people as Kaoko. >> Read more

The San Interactive Archive Training and Heritage Management Program (South Africa)

This project is taking place in South Africa and involves representatives of the San people. >> Read more

Audiovisual Training for the Forest People of Gabon

The beneficiaries of this project were various indigenous communities of Gabon: Bakas, Babongo, Akula and Bakoya. >> Read more

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