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Our Values and Principles state our commitment to making a positive contribution to social development – not only through our business activities. As a good corporate citizen, BASF participates in a variety of social, educational, scientific, sports, artistic and cultural projects throughout the world wherever BASF sites are located. In 2006, BASF contributed some €67 million to projects of this kind.

BASF’s commitment – in the form of donations, sponsoring and own projects – is primarily in the communities and regions where BASF sites are located. BASF partners local governments, institutions and associations. A key focus of our activities lies in the area of education and well-being of young people.

Education is an investment in the future

Education is a central issue for BASF. On the one hand, education is an important prerequisite for developing curiosity, imagination and creativity – key personal development skills in children and young people. On the other hand, socially just, economically and environmentally compatible development is directly linked to education. This is why we are intensifying our commitment to educational in the communities in which our sites our located and are supporting activities around the world that provide and promote access to knowledge.

In Africa, the support of BASF’s social fund for the Lapdesk Project has improved educational conditions for 100,000 schoolchildren. In India, we are helping young people from underprivileged backgrounds: Along with basic material such as exercise books and writing materials, we provide financial help to enable up to 140 children to attend school every year. BASF supports other school projects in Singapore, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

“Action on Education” for early childhood learning

In 2005, BASF inaugurated an ”Action on Education” campaign in Ludwigshafen in collaboration with city government and church-run daycare organizations. The goal of the seven projects in around 90 daycare centers is to promote early childhood development. The main focus is therefore on basic preschool education issues, such as encouraging an interest in scientific phenomena and nature, as well as promoting specific language skills.

Disaster relief and education

BASF and the company’s employees also show commitment in helping the victims of natural disasters. In early 2005, BASF and the company’s employees donated a total of €3.8 million in aid of the tsunami victims in Southeast Asia. In cooperation with local BASF officers and partner organizations, BASF’s social fund is using the money to fund mid- and long-term aid projects in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. In addition to emergency aid, BASF’s social fund supported medium- to long-term educational projects. In Pang Nga Province, Thailand, BASF’s social fund constructed a school gymnasium in collaboration with local partners. In Indonesia, the fund is sponsoring three projects: the construction of an orphanage in Nias, including a scholarship program; and the construction of a training hotel and residential accommodation in a vocational training complex in Mibo, Bandah Aceh.

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