Languages in Cyberspace

Today various forces threaten linguistic diversity, particularly on the Internet. UNESCO seeks to promote wider and more equitable access to information networks by supporting the creation of linguistically and culturally diverse content in cyberspace and offering possibilities for the preservation of endangered languages.

Recent Experiences on Measuring Languages in Cyberspace

22 February 2007, UNESCO, Paris, France
This workshop is organized by the Language Observatory Project (LOP), the World Network for Linguistic Diversity (WDLD) and UNESCO, in the framework of the International Mother Language Day. >> More

How to Ensure the Presence of a Language in the Cyberspace?

The authors of this study, available in French, tried to answer the question: How could a language, which is not well endowed with linguistic, ICT and human resources, find its place in the Cyberspace? >> More

21 February - International Mother Language Day

The theme of International Mother Language Day 2007 is the linkages between mother tongue and multilingualism. Hundreds of the world's 6,000 languages are absent from the public arena and fifty per cent are in danger of disappearing altogether. >> More

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