Communication and information for environment

Through World Environment Day, commemorated each year on 5 June, the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment. Several UNESCO's activities in the area of communication and information aim to enhance this awareness.

In particular, UNESCO is developing online training resources related to environment and is building capacities of science journalists to help them report on environmental issues.

Open Training Platform (OTP)

UNESCO's OTP offers more than 1000 resources related to environment, including sustainable development, disaster management and climate change, from all major international and regional institutions. The UNESCO Platform is complementary to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) training resources, as it addresses more general public. According to the OTP evaluation results, environment is the topic the most visited by the learners using the Platform. >> More

Model curricula for journalism education for developing countries and emerging democracies

UNESCO has developed model journalism curricula for use in developing countries and emerging democracies, which contain a specialised course dedicated to science writing and reporting on environmental issues. In addition, UNESCO will support capacities of science journalism education institutions to help them integrate science journalism as a subject in their training programmes. >> More

Media as partners in education for sustainable development: a training and resource kit

UNESCO has recently produced and is now distributing this training and resource kit, along with the accompanying DVDs. The kit provides media professionals with relevant resources, training materials and lesson plans on five major scientific topics. It conveys essential information on how to report on scientific issues and offers sample training sessions. >> More

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