UNESCO and information processing

In the digital age, software is essential for knowledge management and sharing. UNESCO develops, maintains and disseminates, free of charge, information and data processing tools in order to give access to key technology for development to the users who otherwise could not afford it.

These tools are continuously enriched, modified and updated in cooperation with a community of experts from different countries. The most popular UNESCO software are CDS/ISIS, Greenstone and WinIDAMS.

CDS/ISIS database software

CDS/ISIS is advanced non-numerical information storage and retrieval software developed by UNESCO to satisfy the need of many institutions to streamline their information processing through modern and inexpensive technologies. CDS/ISIS is now used for managing databases in libraries and information centres. >> More


Greenstone is a suite of software for building and publishing digital library collections. It provides a new innovative way of organizing and publishing information on the Internet or on CD-ROM. This software is largely used by universities, libraries and other public service institutions. >> More

IDAMS Statistical Software

WinIDAMS is a software package for processing and analysing numerical data developed by UNESCO in co-operation with experts from various countries. It provides a great number of data manipulation and validation facilities and a wide range of statistical techniques. >> More

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