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Netexplo 2014: the emerging trends in the use of digital technology

The 7th edition of the Netexplo Forum was held at UNESCO on 26 and 28 March 2014. Over the two days, the event has gathered more than 1600 business, media and political decision-makers. This year’s edition was characterized by the virtual participation of young people expressing their views on the Netexplo innovations awards (Digital Young Leaders), and a third day completely online hosted on DailyMotion with a series of roundtables on the themes of the forum.


Your Inputs Count! Take part in UNESCO’s Comprehensive Study on Internet Topics

UNESCO is seeking input from major stakeholders and experts for its study of Internet-related issues and future options within the UNESCO mandate. Responses are requested before 30 November 2014. Governments, private sector, civil society, academia, international organizations and the technical community are amongst those encouraged to respond.


The Syrian Hour: Enhancing freedom of expression through radio

The third season of the UNESCO radio programme “Sa’a Suriya” (“The Syrian Hour”) began this Monday, 24 February 2014. The programme is part of the UNESCO project “Sa’a Suriya: Enhancing access to information and freedom of expression for Syrian refugees in Jordan through radio programs”.

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Spotlight on Memory of the World heritage: The Holocaust

UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register includes different testimonies of the Holocaust in which some six million Jews and millions of others died during the Nazi regime. Pages of Testimony Collection, Archives of the International Tracing Service, Diaries of Anne Frank, and Warsaw Ghetto Archives are the Memory of the World collections related to Holocaust.