A Journey through Digital Society

This book invites you to a journey through digital society with the people that are making it happen, to discover a world that we don’t necessarily know: our own. Our world, whose limits and constraints sometimes frustrate us, can be seen in a better light here, as a wonderful, constantly renewed land to be explored, and a call to release the unlimited potential of the human spirit, innovation and creativity.

A journey through digital society shows how to tap into that fantastic potential to help women and men, the world’s citizens, in their daily lives and in response to societal issues. The Netexplo Forum’s ambition is in line with the fundamentals of UNESCO’s mission: calling human intelligence into play, using tools for sharing information and for dialogue between cultures to forge closer connections between peoples and build peace.

New technologies are essential to the construction of knowledge societies. They support the knowledge economy and the scientific progress without which sustainable development is impossible. The astonishing projects spotted by the Netexplo Observatory bring exciting, inspiring responses. They show that despite the obstacles people all over the world are rallying to find solutions for education, health or communication. Their commitment is a humanistic call to build a future of dignity for everyone, respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.



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