Accéder à l'information c'est notre droit

Guide pratique pour promouvoir l'accès à l'information publique au Maroc

Produced with the specific Moroccan context in mind, the guide Access to information is our right provides general information about freedom of information as a universal right, as well as more practical details on the means to access public information in Morocco. In addition, the publication includes recommendations addressed to different stakeholders, seeking to ensure that freedom of information is effectively guaranteed in practice implementation in Morocco, as well as some good practices or success stories in promoting it.

In Morocco, very few persons beyond those involved in civil society advocacy or government know about the right to access public information, its direct connection to people's needs and its utility for further accountability, social justice and the fight against corruption. Following the recognition of the right to information in the 2011 Moroccan Constitution, discussions regarding the enactment of an FOI law are ongoing and fostering widespread knowledge about this right is crucial.

In order to address this issue UNESCO's Office in Rabat, with the support of the government of Finland, produced this publication targeting the general public and civil society organizations in Morocco.



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