Acesso às novas tecnologias: Brasil no rumo da inclusão

Access to new technologies is the first volume in the series , which focuses on the contribution of new technologies to social development in Brazil. This volume is composed of four folders.

is a series dedicated to community media journalists, students and the general public. It aims to stimulate the dissemination of information and discussion on the contribution of information and communication technologies to social development in Brazil. The series is composed of four thematic volumes presented in different folders that deal with specific aspects of each theme. The volumes are:

  • v. 1 - Access to new technologies (4 folders);
  • v. 2 - Information for all (3 folders);
  • v. 3 - Computer in school (3 folders); and
  • v. 4 - Youth and Internet (5 folders).



  • Bibliographic reference
  • Collation 4 p., illus.
  • Author(s)  UNESCO Office Brasilia 
  • Publication year  2008 
  • Document code  BR/2008/PI/H/3 
  • Series Title  Tecnologia, informação e inclusão: TICs nas escolas 
  • Volume/Issue Number  v. 1, n. 1
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