Community radio in India

This publication is composed of five volumes: A Guide for civil society; A Guide for government ministries; A Guide for donor agencies; A Guide for the media; A One UN response. It offers guidelines on how different stakeholders can assist community radios on their way towards self-sufficiency.

Community radio is a voluntary activity, supported by the community it serves. United Nations system, civil society, government and donor agencies can assist in setting up and supporting stations over a short period of time as they move towards self-sufficiency. They can do so through cash grants, donation of equipment or premises, capacity-building and awareness-raising activities, contribution to local content creation, etc.

The mainstream media can support this movement by raising awareness about the potential of community radio; volunteering expert time for training; forging partnerships in terms of advertisements, information gathering, programme production, etc.

Community radio is a two-way process that empowers people to identify problems and create solutions. It enables the most vulnerable to participate in decisions for positive change in their lives.

Access to media and ICT should not be viewed as an end in itself but as a means to the ultimate goal of social inclusion. Community radio helps the remotest communities to integrate into national and global economies.



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