CR (Community radio): a user's guide to the technology; a guide to the technology and technical parameters of community radio in India

This guide to technical parameters of community radio in India was produced for potential community radio operators, taking into account the intention of the Government of India to establish 4000 community radio stations by 2008.

The outcome of many years of practical field work, this publication contains the inputs of a vast number of communication and audio/video professionals. It aims to accompany interested organizations in the demystification of each piece of equipment usually found in community radio stations, its role and function within a wider social context, advantages and disadvantages of its usage. For others, who dare to be technically more adventurous, detailed notes on equipment are also provided.

Readers will also find the information on the different options open to community development specialists in sourcing, maintenance and operation of the equipment that is most suited to their individual needs. The knowledge levels of the end user was taking into consideration by the authors, who packed the guide with illustrations, photographs, cross-references and a list of organizations that can further assist in technical and social aspects of community radio.



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