ICT transforming education: a regional guide

This Regional Guide grew out of a series of meetings of ICT experts convened by UNESCO’s Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education to explore pedagogy-technology integration. An outcome of these meetings was the publication of Regional Guidelines on Teacher Development for Pedagogy-Technology Integration (Working Draft) in 2005 under the editorship of Shyamal Majumdar.

At the end of 2009, the present author was contracted by the UNESCO Bangkok Office to revise and update these guidelines. However, it soon became apparent that there had been such advances in ICT in education in the intervening years that more than a revision was required. New models of e-learning had appeared and new Web 2.0 tools were influencing pedagogy in classrooms around the world. Rather than a revision, then, a totally new Guide was required. This Regional Guide is the result.

The publication is designed to equip teachers and teacher educators with the competencies and resources to use ICT to transform their practices, and the school and education systems. Written for teachers, teacher educators, heads of schools, administrators and Ministry ICT coordinators in the Asia-Pacific region, it draws upon the best practices and lessons learnt in the region.



  • Bibliographic reference
  • Collation: 120 p., illus.
  • Author(s): Anderson, Jonathan
  • Publication year: 2010
  • ISBN: 978-92-9223-326-6 (electronic); 978-92-9223-325-9 (print)
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