Mapa de los centros y programas de formación de comunicadores y periodistas en América Latina y el Caribe

The Mapping of communication and journalism training institutions and programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean was conducted by FELAFACS following UNESCO’s request.

This work, which started in 2008, aimed to map educational institutions in the field of communication and journalism, as well as their training programmes (academic, technical, post-graduate or hands-on) in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to produce a quantitative and qualitative report concerning the training programmes. Finally, the study identified existing quality models for communication and journalism programmes in the region.

The work was divided into six regions: Brazil, Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay), Andean countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela), Central America, Caribbean and Mexico, and was conducted by six researchers. The information collection process relied on the assistance of ministries of education, universities, schools, communication faculties and non-university training centers in each country.



  • Collation: 153 p.
  • Publication year: 2009
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