New media: the press freedom dimension, challenges and opportunities of new media for press freedom

This book is a record of an international conference “New Media: The Press Freedom Dimension Challenges and Opportunities of New Media for Press Freedom”, which took place at UNESCO Headquarters from 15 to 16 February 2007.

Organized by UNESCO, the World Press Freedom Committee and the World Association of Newspapers, the Conference aimed to explore the emerging and rapidly evolving environment of press freedom created by the new electronic media.

With speakers from more than 30 countries, the discussions covered a wide range of topics from citizen journalism and freedom of expression, to the looming reality of censorship, as dictators, taking the cue from China, place blocks on the Internet and lock up people for expressing their views in cyberspace.

This book includes adaptations of speeches given at the conference and background papers along with reports of presentations that were made in visual formats.



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