Social transformation in an information society: rethinking access to you and the world

The Internet, World Wide Web, mobile cell phones, digital television, and numerous other new electronic information and communication technologies (ICTs) are opening fresh pathways for transforming the way we live, work, learn and communicate. A strategic opening, redirecting, or closing of opportunities is central to the bringing of diverse and substantial social and economic benefits to people across the globe.

At the same time, decisions that affect the design, accessibility, and use (or non-use) of these technologies could open or close the wrong gates and shut out individuals, communities, countries, and regions from the fruits that can be reached by those who can better control access to themselves, and from themselves to the world. The degree to which the use of ICTs brings positive or negative transformations to your life or makes no difference at all depends not only on the choices made by many individuals, communities, organizations and governments around the world, but also by you.



  • Bibliographic reference
  • Author(s): Dutton, William H.
  • Publication year: 2004
  • Document code: CI/INF/2004/PI/1
  • Series Title: UNESCO Publications for the World Summit on the Information Society
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