The Entrepreneur's guide to computer recycling, v. 1: Basics for starting up a computer recycling business in emerging markets

This guide is intended to provide local entrepreneurs with a blueprint for the establishment of a business capable of receiving used PCs and related equipment. It also provides guidance on how to manage such equipment in a profitable and environmentally sound manner, while ensuring worker health and safety.

UNESCO and the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) have called upon experienced partners, such as HP, to join forces in the development of a blueprint guide which will provide local entrepreneurs with the knowledge and capability to collect refurbish and recycle computer equipment. The guide provides a pragmatic answer to this ever increasing environmental challenge and helps to generate opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs at a local level.

This document is the first in a series of pedagogical materials produced by UNESCO and ADEME to train entrepreneurs in emerging markets in computer waste management, with a strong emphasis on the basic rules of environmental health and safety. The first volume provides an introduction to important background information and discusses issues to be considered when setting up a recycling business.

The second volume, to be produced, will focus on recycling practices and will provide concrete, practical advice for entrepreneurs. It will also be accompanied by a website that will provide information on regional and national legal contexts, key players in computer recycling activities (particularly in Africa), and offer an open forum for sharing expertise in this field.



  • Bibliographic reference
  • Collation: 84 p., illus.
  • Author(s): Varin, Benoit; Roinat, Pierre-Etienne
  • Publication year: 2008
  • ISBN: 978-2-9532365-0-7
  • Publisher: Tic Ethic
  • Publication Location: Maromme
  • Volume/Issue Number: Volume 1
  • Edition: First
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