The Police blogosphere in Brazil: from shooting to twitter

This publication is the first in-depth study about the most recent and relevant trend in journalistic reporting on police, criminality and security policies. The collection of information and the blogs’ analysis were done through an Internet survey answered by 73 police bloggers, authors of 70 blogs, between May and June 2009.

Entitled The Police Blogosphere in Brazil: from Shooting to Twitter, the study goes beyond journalistic reporting, and analysis blogs published by security agents themselves.

In their testimonies the interviewed policemen stated that in the past security agents had almost no participation in the discussions about “police” and “policemen”. According to them, the debates on these issues had involved only communication professionals and public authorities.

This scenario has changed with the emergence of blogs on security and with the opening of spaces dedicated to issues that are rarely tackled by the traditional media. Wage policy and work conditions of police forces are among the topics commented by the agents on the Internet, which rarely or never appear in newspapers.



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