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Building cyberspace: technology, society, law and cyberspace

Building digital safety for journalism: a survey of selected issues

As technologies develop, so do opportunities as well as threats to journalism. This research explains some of the emerging threats to journalism safety in the digital era, and proposes a framework to help build digital safety for journalists. Examining 12 key digital threats to journalism, ranging from hacking of journalistic communications, through to denial-of-service attacks on media websites, it assesses preventive, protective and pre-emptive measures to avoid them. It shows too that digital security for journalism encompasses, but also goes beyond, the technical dimension.

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Building inclusive knowledge societies: a review of UNESCO's action in implementing the WSIS outcomes

This report summarizes UNESCO’s work to implement the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) outcomes and build Knowledge Societies during the ten years that have followed the Summit. It describes the work implemented by UNESCO in partnership with Member States and other organizations. It also identifies UNESCO’s key achievements, draws conclusions from its experience, and makes recommendations for the future, including the role of ICTs in the new development agenda, which will follow the 2015 review of international development goals by the United Nations General Assembly.

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Building national information policies: experiences in Latin America

This book analyzes the latest NIP trends in Latin America and the Caribbean and proposes, on the basis of experiences analyzed, concrete guidelines to help Member Countries that have not yet been able to design and adopt a coherent national information policy, in harmony with international trends.

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