Partner institutions

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL)


The Commonwealth of Learning adopted a full OER Policy in 2011 that:

  • recognises and promotes OER in support of quality teaching and learning, as one tool for using technology to increase equity in access to education;
  • facilitates collaboration among institutions, governments and organisations in the use of OER;
  • promotes relevant capacity strengthening processes for stakeholders; and
  • shapes and promotes new models for OER generation, publication, access and re-use.

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


The project is financially supported by William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (USA) which has been making grants since 1967 to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. Since 2002, the Hewlett Foundation has worked with OER grantees to improve education globally by making high-quality academic materials openly available on the Internet. The Education Program continues to work toward establishing a self-sustaining and adaptive global OER ecosystem and demonstrating its potential to improve teaching and learning.

Creative Commons


Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. The organization develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation.

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