WSIS+10 Review Events

Second WSIS+10 Review Event - Geneva, 2014

UNESCO’s Deputy Director-General, Mr Getachew Engida, as a co-organizer of the second WSIS+10 Review event hosted by ITU from 10-13 June 2014, provided participants of the High-level Event with a new, final, UNESCO proposed compromise text on the Media Action Line. After long negotiations, the UNESCO proposed text was finally accepted without amendment and therefore all Action Line texts could be adopted together with the statement and vision texts, by the plenary by consensus. The endorsed text can be accessed here.

First WSIS+10 Review Event - February 2013

UNESCO hosted the 1st WSIS+10 Review meeting "Towards inclusive Knowledge Societies for Peace and Sustainable Development", Paris, 25-27 February 2013.

As the host of the WSIS+10 Review Event, UNESCO, together with its partners, addressed the major challenges in building Knowledge Societies for sustainable development. This first multi-stakeholder review event looked at the WSIS Action Lines’ achievements, and analyzed recent developments as well as forecasts. Recommendations were also made to the post-2015 process.

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