Mr Alfredo Pérez de Armiñán, Assistant Director-General for Culture

Alfredo Pérez de Armiñán, Assistant Director-General for Culture a.i

Mr Pérez de Armiñán (Spain) was appointed Assistant Director-General for Culture on 29 July 2014  

Mr Pérez de Armiñán is the holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Law obtained in June 1973 from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), in Spain. Since then, he specializes in Public Law, Culture and Heritage.
Mr Pérez de Armiñán began his professional career in June 1977 with the Spanish Parliament, where he held a number of positions until 1986, most notably: Director of Foreign Relations and Secretary of the Parliamentary Delegations at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the European Parliament-Spanish Cortes Generales Joint Committee. From 1986, he was Legal Advisor to the Public Works, City Planning and Housing Committee of the Spanish Senate. Mr Pérez de Armiñán was concurrently assigned to the Spanish Government for the period 1980 to 1983 where he served as Director-General of Cooperation with the Regions, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Culture, Director-General of Fine Arts, Public Archives and Libraries and Member of the Council of Patrimonio Nacional.
Mr Pérez de Armiñán has also been Director of several prominent Cultural Foundations and Institutions in Spain, including: Director of the Fundacion Caja Madrid (1996 to 2002), Secretary-General of the Fundacion Colegio Libre de Emeritos, Madrid (2002 to 2012) and President of Hispania Nostra which is an Organization Member of Europa Nostra Federation for Cultural Heritage (2003 to 2011). He was also a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Prado Museum (1993 to 2003) and since 1996 is a lifelong Member of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid. From December 2012 to May 2014, Mr Pérez de Armiñán was the Director-General of the Fundacion José Ortega y Gasset-Gregorio Marañón in Madrid and Secretary-General to the University Research Institute affiliated to the Foundation.
Of Spanish mother tongue, Mr Pérez de Armiñán is proficient in English and French. He is also the author of many publications and articles.

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