Publications on the MDG-F Culture and Development Joint Programmes

A series of regional publications has been issued to showcase the knowledge generated by the 18 MDG-F Joint Programmes implemented under the Culture and Development Thematic Window. The analyses in these publications stem from various knowledge management tools used to gather and organize the knowledge generated by the Joint Programmes, and from an MDG-F Culture and Development Questionnaire completed by the Joint Programme teams. As a result, the publications provide information and data which the Joint Programme teams have chosen to highlight from their plethora of activities, products and impacts. That said, the material in these publications is by no means exhaustive, but rather provides a snapshot of the knowledge generated both from a regional reading and from an individual Joint Programme standpoint on the main four components that constitute very cornerstone of the MDG-F experiment:

  • achievements and impact on the targeted MDGs
  • national ownership and sustainability
  • success factors
  • operational challenges


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