The MDG-F Joint Programmes on Culture and Development are contributing in multiple ways to the achievement of MDG 8, namely developing partnerships for development, including by: 

  • Strengthening broad-based support and action, and increasing community involvement in MDG-related actions, through new networks, partnerships and participatory processes involving a wide variety of governmental and non-governmental actors (e.g. in Uruguay a network of cultural actors (“Red Sur”) has been created, public-private synergies have led to the establishment of Music, Publishing and Arts Clusters, and new partnerships have been formed between the State and civil society organizations)
  • Raising awareness about the MDGs and the importance of culture for development, through communication and advocacy activities and workshops (e.g. newspaper articles and interviews have been published in China in relation to culture and development for ethnic minorities, heritage protection and crafts)
  • Building networks and communities of practice through greater access to new technologies, especially information and communication technologies (e.g. renovation and construction of Community Cultural Multimedia Centers in Senegal)