Success Stories for Culture and Development

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What is a success story?

In the framework of the MDG-F Knowledge Management project, a success story is defined as a set of actions that results in a desired outcome, based on collectively supported values, and that can be easily replicated in different contexts. It should communicate and showcase specific elements of the Joint Programme (JP) and also serve as a tool to document and transfer knowledge in view of improving future programmes on culture and development. Success stories should serve as an example and inspiration to other stakeholders and interested parties.


What does a success story entail?

Knowledge Management (KM) is particularly useful for capturing the three main stages of a success story:

(1) the context of the story, which is particularly salient given that development interventions are always undertaken within a specific culture that must be apprehended to ensure effective development cooperation;

(2) the methodology, which is of utmost importance for documenting both the process and the actions undertaken to achieve a successful result;

(3) the outcome, namely, what positive changes have arisen, vis a vis the original context, and how have these changes come about?


How to communicate success stories

It is important to ensure appropriate communication of success stories in order to effectively convey both their importance for development and the difference they made at the local level. Beyond traditional communication tools, it is important to encourage targeted beneficiaries to transmit their own messages through personal stories. Communicating stories with the full involvement and participation of beneficiaries contributes to feelings of local ownership and to the future sustainability of the activities themselves. Media, including local media, isanother effective vehicle used to transmit success stories to the broader public.


Click here to see the success story methodological framework developed within the MDG-F Culture and Development Questionnaire. The framework illustrates the overall targeted categories of information, as well as the criteria used to determine what constitutes a “success story”.