Public Sector

Cooperation with the public sector

Cooperation with the public sector supports several Global Funds relating to the conventions. Moreover, cooperation also provides assistance in implementing projects that translate the conventions’ goals into concrete actions in Member States.

UNESCO Culture Sector has solid experience in working with the UN funds and programmes in the area of culture and development.  The Culture Sector not only implements projects funded under different UN multi-donor funds-in-trust but also participates in the elaboration of the terms of reference as well as project selection process of such funds The Culture Sector has a strong cooperation with bilateral government donors - of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the OECD and those outside DAC, creating a network of diversity and solidarity.  The main area of cooperation with Development Banks is the World Heritage site management involving joint advocacy for environmental and cultural impact assessment, and the promotion of sustainable tourism.

Along with the principles set out by Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness,efforts have been strengthened to forge strategic partnership with national governments, UN Country Team, civil society and other partners so as to enhance the coordination and effectiveness of international cooperation, particularly at the country level.

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