Design 21

International competition for young designers

The DESIGN 21 International Competition was launched in 1995 by UNESCO  and the Felissimo Corporation (Japan) for the purpose of discovering and promoting young talent from all corners of the world, while encouraging a spirit of understanding and sharing among young creators from different cultures. Numerous designers from all regions of the world have already been awarded prizes in the first four competitions and their works promoted internationally through exhibitions and fashion shows.

  • Design 21 - VI: Competitions (2007-2009) and Social Design Network
  • Design 21 - V: "Love / Why?" (2004-2005):
    Design contest - 30 pre-selected designers from 17 countries
    Can love be incorporated in our everyday objects? Can design transmit loving acts and feelings? The designers were asked to reflect on such questions regarding the notions of connection, understanding and harmony between individuals and peoples, in our everyday environment. Fifty renowned designers participated in the project and presented original works based on the theme of the competition.
  • Design 21 - IV : "Continuous Connection" (2001-2002):
    Fashion and design contest – 64 pre-selected designers from 26 countries
  • Design 21 - III : "Chic Chinois" (1999-2000):
    Fashion and design contest – 121 pre-selected designers from 35 countries
  • Design 21 - II : "Ocean" (1997-1998):
    Fashion design contest – 98 prize-winners from 44 countries
  • Design 21 - I : "A United World for the Future Generation" (1995-1996):
    Fashion design contest – 50 prize-winners from 29 countries
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